In theaters from thursday 15 june 2017

Drama | 105" | Belgium

Well-known novelist and literary monument, 55-year-old Jan Meermans successful life is thrown upside down when his 85-year-old mother, Josée Verbeke, unexpectedly has a severe stroke. Jan no longer recognizes his once lively mother as her verbal witticisms have been replaced by pitiful cries and gibberish. In these difficult times Jan faces the upcoming deadline of his new novel. The confrontation he has to engage with the decline of his mother makes him question his priorities. Based on the bestseller Sprakeloos of Tom Lanoye. This will be the fifth feature film of Hilde Van Mieghem.


Tom Lanoye


tuesday 18 july 2017 - Sold


tuesday 22 august 2017 - Rental

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